Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes


You should read THIS book.

You can read this book even if you are incredibly busy; just 256 pages of witty hilarious statements, 40 pages of photo evidence and a few extra minutes because you will be tempted to google more on the author!

You must read this book if you watch TV series, because Shonda is the writer/producer/OWNER of Scandal, Greys Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder and The Catch. All these are TV shows with very enthralling story lines that we never want to end. There is a way Shonda writes a story that makes you feel that TV watching is not a waste of time but a productive activity you should create time for – an activity which opens up your mind, makes you laugh and think and makes you appreciate beautiful minds.

However, even if you do not appreciate a good story (yet) you MUST read this book because the content is pretty important. It talks of the year that Shonda decides to say YES to tackling every challenge that terrifies her. Her life-changing decision is made after her sister makes her a passing remark,

“You never say yes to anything.”

I didn’t believe her sister at first. I mean, Shonda is a renown media personality, a celebrity in Hollywood, how can she not have done enough? The book opened my eyes to all that.

What is that thing that you could do but have been pushing aside maybe because you think you might fail, you might be embarrassed, it might take too long or too much effort? Shonda Rhimes will take you through her list of things and how she gathered the gumption to just get up and DO. She has been the first to do many extraordinary things, and she didn’t always think she was cut out for them or would succeed at them. She works hard, she is an inspiration.

Year of Yes has been good book for me to read at the beginning of the year. I am feeling quite badassery (yes, that’s a word) since I read it. I am rejuvenated and I like it that I look forward to handle a challenge instead of shying away.

But why, pray tell, does my amazing Shonda unravel like a ball of yarn falling down from eighth floor when it comes to the topic of motherhood? Maybe it’s because I am keen on parenting, but I seriously read her “motherhood pages” with my heart pumping fast, feeling like she was right at my face throwing fists at me. She goes all berserk when someone at her child’s school asks that the children bring home-baked cakes for some event and in no time she has worked herself into a debate of working mothers vs. stay-at-home mothers.

Really, Shonda, who even said cakes are baked by the less busy mothers? How is asking you to bake a cake defining your motherhood? Shonda, are we seriously going into the semantics of the word “job”?

If you are a mother, definitely read this book. This mother will intrigue you.




Where to find it:

(The internet has several leads on Ebooks versions of Year of Yes, some promise to be free. I find the easiest way of getting any Ebook is to download kindle app on your phone/tablet then buy the ebook from amazon, such as this

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