My church is amazing. It is called Christ Is The Answer Ministries.

Every once in a year, the children’s ministry organizes a Daily Vocational Bible School, which runs for a week. All children are welcome.

This year, my first born who is just below three years joined the wagon.


Taking her to church daily was such a daunting task for me because it was f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g cold, and I have my secondborn just about a month and a half old, whom I prefer to have with me as much as possible. This meant I would take Marvel (firstborn) to church and as well tag the baby along!

Oh did you read my earlier post about the breastpump? Turns out that after I expressed the liquid gold for her to drink while I drop Marvel to church, she still prefers to drink from the source, not from a bottle L, I have had some slow progress on that, and now thinking of using cup and spoon…but I digress.

I found myself driving to church wondering why I had to go through the hassle.

With Marvel busy out of the house I get more time to catch on my beloved sleep,but that is not motivation enough.

So I focused on the purpose of the DVBS which is to teach these children about Christ.

Why teach about Christ?

Because if they know Christ at a tender age, they will hopefully give their lives to Jesus at a tender age.

So that?

I wondered why I would like Marvel to know Christ, and even get to desire and accept His gift of salvation.

Biblically, that is my role as a parent. To direct her in the direction she should go.

But I have other reasons…

If our children accept Christ at a tender age, then they can begin to walk in God’s purpose for their lives as early as now. Unlike I who “saw the light” in my late teenage-hood. I wonder what else God would have wanted me to do before I hit that age…what had I missed out on?

And I have my other selfish reason…

To save me from all the drama in our generation that comes from worldly influence. I envision this smooth parenting I would have without worrying if my children are doing drugs, commiting crimes and having pre-marital sex. I even figure they would be super obedient and respectful and this whole parenting thing would be a walk in the park. How nice,God in them doing all the parenting for me!

I think that is a bit selfish on my part, but I’m gonna be honest like that.

Actually, I have battled with the desire to pride in being such a good parent if my children turn out amazing in faith.

However, I do realize it is all the doing of The LORD, not mine.

I did come clean with God. I want my children to know Him, and make Him known. For some good reasons and some selfish reasons. So help me God.


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