When I was young, I used to always pray,
“God, do not let my parents die before they accept your gift of salvation”.

This is because in most funerals I attend, we sing the hymn “God be with you till we meet again”.

A very disturbing hymn, which gets me thinking whether I will really meet the departed friend. I debate with myself a lot, because I have to evaluate my faith and that of the departed, going by the knowledge that a tree is known by its fruits.

I scratch my head.

I have no right to sit on the judgment seat, seeing as I am a mere mortal, but I do know that not all of us will get to heaven. Not even all of us who call the Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only those who actually do the will of God. (Matthew 7:21).

How can I even be sure that I will enter?
Do I actually always do the will of God? No, I wander a lot. But Jesus often brings me back to the fold.

The funny thing about accepting the gift of eternal life is that one person can make the decision early in their lives while another person can live their life however they wish then make the decision to accept Christ while at the deathbed, and both will see heaven. These things are interesting; they give me hope when I am not sure of the words I am singing “God be with you till we meet again”.

On the flip side, it depends on the situation of death. In some situations, one may not even get that one minute of repentance and surrender. So the best option is to make that decision way in advance and actually continue life in the will of God so that should the moment be sudden, you are safe.

When I think about Godly parenting, I figure one of the best things I can do for my children after teaching them about accepting Christ for themselves is to leave them with confidence that we shall actually meet again. We all think about the day we will leave, that is why we prepare with insurances and investments our children can fall back on when we are no longer there for them. There is nothing awful or sinful or sad or superstitious about thinking these things, cheer up

But lately, God has shown me a better assurance that I can leave my children and all those who care about me, the confidence that we shall actually meet again. It should make them have some peace that I am not just getting into a grave. The grave is not my ultimate goal, my absolute end. Our mighty Saviour who conquered death is on the other end of the line, receiving me with grace and mercy.

Like the hymnist of “IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL”, the sky, not the grave , is my goal.

And once again, just because I am a parent who cares deeply about what my children think and feel and hope for, my purpose to walk in Christ is strengthened.

I pray and hope the same shall be for you, parent.

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