My daughter loves books.

I am fascinated by books.

My husband’s books collection is bordering on hoarding.

And we all have so different tastes when it comes to the written word, so you can imagine what my books shelf looks like, the short of it is that I have had to keep books in bags under seats and beds. Ain’t joking!

I was planning to keep up with my appalling storage until I recently opened a bagfull of my husbands books and flipped through the pages. The books are filled with so much information he can reference, but when they are in a black bag behind my sofa, he would never think of them.

My daughters books had long given up on competing with daddy’s big volumes in the bookshelf, and were literally everywhere in the house. Mine…don’t even ask.

A book within reachable display, we know, invites you to read it.

That is why I decided to make book displays for each of use using scrap MDFs which I had put in the store a while ago. For this, you need a flat layer of timber, and a smaller strip which holds the flat player and gets pinned to the wall using steel nails. If you have a hammer and some physical muscle, it’s a simple DIY job.

Now we have daddy’s books at the corner just near the study desk (his books need a sit-down to read)daddysAnd mine at the corner of the dining area (they revolve around children, food and health; I can read them while taking tea or dash for a quick reference as I cook).mineOur daughter’s books are placed just high enough for her reach, but not so low that when my newborn starts to crawl she might reach for them and make them her snack.  Purposely at the corridor corner so that she can grab a book while on the go. She is always on the go.marvelsAll these books must be very happy with me, finally they can breathe, be read and look beautiful.

You wonder whether you can do this in a rental house? I have realized, in my history of being a tenant, that when I vacate a house my deposit goes into repainting it, whether I touched the walls or put all my wares at the center of the room and walked just around them 🙂 . So nowadays, if I rent your house I might as well make it my home, repaint, install stuff etc, but in such a way that it can be restored into original condition. All it will take to undo these shelves holes is a filler before the painting job. It costs less than  hundred shillings. I am safe.

But when I build my own house, it shall have not one, but two libraries. So help me God.

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  • Beatrice Jeruto

    Thanks Muthoni this is very insightful. I have equally struggled with books being all over the house including under the beds.
    I must also commend you on your writing prowess its top notch. You need to write a book on parenting.

    • MuthoniMugo

      I know (used to know) that storage space so very well :-), set the books free! Thank you, we will see about the book, God enabling 🙂

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