SEVEN By Jen Hatmaker

Seven; a book about a rebellion against the excesses of life.

Who wants to do that…restraining against a dire need of having a little more of this and that?

Most of us want more. One more car for the family, one more home in a better neighbourhood, one extra side-hustle and one more crown on the head. While at it, technology is holding us at gun-point, we need a few extra pairs of shoes, our full wardrobes have nothing for us to wear and then there is this deep craving for something we can’t quite place a finger on, yet.


At what point do we pause and say,

“This seems enough”?

Is it even possible to get to that point?


Jen Hatmaker did. She identified seven areas of excesses in her life and got deliberate to cut down on the consumerism, the pre-occupation with getting more (sounds like a good book recommendation for Kenyan politicians, no?).

She had never previously considered herself as wealthy, same as me when I began to read the book with a sneer, absolutely sure that I would change nothing because I was already operating on what I felt was below the just need for my family. Nevertheless, I read the book; out of deep respect for the woman I got it from. If this book informed her life, then I wanted it. No discussion.


Jen Hatmaker did it her way, and I did it mine. Both of us ended up in a place of deep contentment and gratitude, in a place of proper balance between fasting and feasting and a place of praise to God, giver of all things good.

I highly recommend the book. I can’t find it on Kindle but you could listen to it on audible or hunt the internet for a paperback.

My copy will be going on a world-tour! I am so excited for it. I recently joined an international book exchange challenge in which I will send a stranger my favourite book, and after careful thought and almost-teary goodbyes, this is the book that has to go.

If you want to participate in the international book exchange, you know how to reach me.


However, do definitely deliberately participate in the mutiny against the excesses of life!



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