Do you realize it?

One of the best things that could happen to your children is for them to have a Godly mother. This call to prayer requires so much muscle from us!

It is easy to pray for our children to be Godly than to pray for ourselves to be Godly, because the latter requires introspection, effort and action. It is easier to give rules than to obey them, easier for us to instruct our children to be kind than it is for us to show kindness to our workers, easier for us to tell our children to be polite while we get away with very rude remarks to the people who overlap us in traffic jam, worse still if they block the road while we have the right of way…let me not talk about those who instantly brake in the middle of the road and won’t put on their hazard lights. Easy peasy to tell our children to pursue justice and yet have no gumption to resist a bribery. Very easy for us to tell our children to share, yet we are hoarding!

If you are not the Godly person you tell your child to be, guess what, that dog wont hunt, because these boys and girls learn by emulation, not instruction.

This is a prayer that will therefore continue for the rest of your life, it can simply never end because you will always have new rules, new corrections, new instructions, and new expectations.

Start praying for yourself today, for the sake of those little girls and boys who look up to you for their character formation.

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