I love cake, I love baking for my family, and I love to avoid excesses of things that are not good to our health, or to our weights. Such as the cupful of sugar in most cake recipes.

So when I realized I could bake without sugar, my heart smiled.

I want your heart to smile, I want you to enjoy your cake without worrying about the amount of sugar you are using. As well, save your money; sugar is much more expensive than the overripe bananas we will use in this recipe, which you would usually throw away.

I put mine in the freezer, they defrost so quickly when I want to use them, and they are easier to mash. I have around six bananas for this recipe.

IMG_3675 copy

You could mash them, but I love to save time by blending instead (do not add water ). A basic blender does much, I love my Moulinex because it comes with a grinder which I will use to crush the nuts, it serves all my purposes.

IMG_3679 copy

Collect the ingredients you need. My blended bananas are in the small glass dish.

IMG_3681 copy

  1. 1 ¼ cups flour
  2. ½ cup of your preferred healthy vegetable oil..
  3. 2 eggs
  4. A ¾ teaspoon baking soda (makes a cake more tender, fluffier)
  5. 1 ¼ teaspoon baking powder (omit this if your flour is self-raising)
  6. A heaped tablespoonful of walnuts (available in Chandarana Supermarkets)
  7. A heaped tablespoonful of raisins
  8. If you like, around five seeds of cardamon. (I prefer grinding my seeds to buying ground and packed spices, they are more flavourful)
  9. Your mashed bananas


Again, a blender is a useful tool; remove the blending jug and insert the grinding unit. Grind your cardamon then add in the walnuts. Remember you can always buy ground cardamon, and crush your nuts using a pestle and mortar or a rolling pin on a chopping board, your options are limitless. But a grinder, it saves time.

IMG_3690 copy

BE CAREFUL not to over-grind things, you need them chunky, if you leave the grinder on for even ten seconds, you will get a flour out of your nuts. Aim for a consistency which is just a bit flourly and a bit chunky, so as to distribute the flavor, and also have nuts in your cake.

IMG_3684 copy

You could use your raisins whole or ground. I grind mine to spread the sweetness. Also, if I leave them whole, my daughter will cut the cake into tiny bits fishing for raisins. Imagine the wastage!

Sift the flour and baking soda into a bowl (to ensure even mixing), add in your ground cardamon, walnuts and raisins. Mix everything and form a well in the bowl.

IMG_3686 copy

Stir in your mashed/blended bananas, oil and eggs. Mix gently to form a batter. It will look like this.

IMG_3688 copy

Pour your batter into a greased and lined tin. This will make sure your cake never sticks to the bottom of the tin. Just a little excellence to avoid embarrassing mishaps.

IMG_3692 copy

Preheat your oven to 160 degrees Celsius, and bake the cake for around 40 minutes. Feel free to check on your cake before the time elapses; just insert a clean toothpick in the middle of the cake. If it comes out dry, your cake is ready.

Voila. A mouthwatering result.

IMG_3696 copyIMG_3698 copy

How simple, how quick, how healthy!

To know just how sweet this is, you definitely have to try it as soon as possible. I will be keen to post more recipes using different fruits.


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