In this biting cold, nobody should come to your house and leave hungry.

Fill up their tummies and create some warmth in their hearts by making them a quick yummy sandwich.

Gather four simple ingredients (practise to stock your house with food and warm coverings, it’s biblical 🙂 ):


STEP 1: Cut a bun into halves (that takes ten seconds).


STEP 2: Lay thin cucumber slices on it (If you were inspired by this post and got a mandolin slicer, the slicing takes ten seconds).


STEP 3: Put slices of brawn on top of the cucumber (five seconds).


STEP 4: Some lettuce to go on top of the brawn (five seconds).


STEP 5: Put the top half of the bun, slice into two and insert toothpick to hold everything together and to provide easier handling for the lovely guest.


Serve alongside hot brewed Kenyan tea. With lots of love 🙂


Some people do not want so much filling in their sandwiches, so its best to stick to putting a bare bun on top of the three layers of filling. For me though, my sandwich is best appreciated if filling is a lot, and is best served with hot black coffee. So revitalizing!


VARIATION: You may prefer to toast your buns if the hunger pangs are not intense. To do this, melt some butter on a pan, lay the halves of the buns and toast for a minute or two. You will get the below result. Follow the four steps above, your sandwich will be so much yummier!



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