BRINGING UP GIRLS , By Dr. James Dobson.

The amazing book I just put down last night!

The thing I love most about Dr. James Dobson as an author is that what he writes is researched. Feels good to know that the content of a book has passed through verification! To top it off, he engages other specialists to give professional opinion on the subject of the book.

As a mother of two girls, the book walked me into a very clear understanding of what I can do about the pressures that my girls experience, which were rarely experienced by me. I am sure you have noticed it too, how  dolls nowadays are so much sexier than the dolls of the time we were four years old. You must have also noticed that dressing for girls is tending to be more “woman-ly” than girly. Girls are entering puberty earlier, sexual education has to be taught earlier…we just cannot afford to not be alert!

Reading through the book, however, I realized fathers need to read it even more than mothers. A daughter gives a dad authority she gives no other man and that’s why daddy matters so much in the raising of a girl. She needs her dad as much as a boy needs the male figure. Dr. Dobson is great, he even addresses the withdrawal of fathers when their daughters reach puberty and grow breasts and the poor men don’t know if to keep giving hugs or to hold off and give space.

The book has in the last one week helped me to unravel the princess craze currently happening in my house (my daughters are 4, and 2) and I can now evaluate the benefits the princess culture brings as well as its demerits, and I can deal better with the obsession of beauty.

I will definitely read this book again when my daughters are entering and going through adolescence, because the content of understanding that developmental journey is rich, rich, rich. It has scientific backing and survey data. At that time I will need to remind myself of teenagers need to fit in, and how that need can be an asset. I will need to know what to do about technology more than I need to at this stage of our lives. Right now, I can simply instruct that the remote be brought to me and I put on some baby songs and keep the remote at the top shelf, but this strategy won’t work forever…so I must re-read this book in another few years.

Read this book!

You can buy it at New Day Bookshop, Yaya Centre, at Ksh. 1890.

And yes, Dr. James Dobson has also written Bringing up Boys : )


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