I am very keen on healthy foods, thus I am very keen on the amount of oil used to fry my foods.

Also because oil does not come cheap, and I am always thinking of how I can spend less but live well :-).

With the same amount of energy, I love my fries, or chips, if you rather. I also love chicken, samosas, sausages…a whole array of foods that I would have to deep fry, eat hurriedly, then start wondering why I do these things to my body.

Not anymore. Not since I discovered the airfryer.

I discovered that with no oil at all, my sausages are fried.

With just a marinade with a teaspoon of oil, my chicken is fried.

With just a brush of oil on the samosa pastry, I can as well air fry them, not deep-fry.

With just one tablespoon of oil, I make my family 800g fries. That is enough for a serving of four.


Today, let’s concentrate on fries.

First, I peel my potatoes and cut them into long 1cm thick French fries.. I soak for 30 minutes then weigh 800g using a kitchen scale.



I drain my potatoes using a salad spinner, to get rid of excess water. Do not skip this step, you will be surprised just how much water is drained from seemingly dry potatoes.




I put them in this sealable container and add just one tablespoon of oil, I prefer olive oil. I put the lid on the container and toss the fries to coat with oil.


Finally, just preheat the airfryer, transfer them to the airfryer basket, slide it in and set the timer 18 minutes, I will be back to check on them when the timer rings, toss them and put back for another few minutes.

IMG_2719 copy

Just that. No hustles, no bustles.

While they cook, you do not even have to monitor, use that time before the ring to prepare your accompaniment. Considering that potatoes are carbohydrates,  prepare a protein and a vitamin.

Mine will go with some beef stew and some greens…soo yummy. A good, easy alternative to ugali/rice.

IMG_2729 copy



I think the air fryer is the most brilliant kitchen equipment I own, and would definitely recommend it to you, it is available in any Nakumatt Supermarket. The cutter, kitchen scale and spinner are all easily available in the supermarkets, and necessary for your every other day cooking and baking needs.

Whilst the air fryer is just gaining popularity in Kenya now, in other countries, it is a very common kitchen tool. I go to their facebook pages to get more ideas of air fryer menus. See this page for example.


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