I am excited, this is my maiden blog post.

So lets talk about what your baby primarily needs; breastmilk.

Every working mum who intends to have their baby exclusively breastfeeding for the recommended six months will need a breastpump, but even we stay-at-home-mums need it because we have errands and may not be with the baby every minute of the day, and sometimes we would want someone to help with the feeding (and all the dads say amen).

I will focus on the cheapest manual breast-pump in Nairobi at the moment, because I have had massive success with it despite many breastfeeding mums I know having had a difficult experience with it. I would be glad to help another mum save a coin, and still have baby on breastmik.

Even if you are not keen on saving a coin, because you maybe have an electric pump which saves your hands a lot of effort, you may still need this little cute manual pump because of its portability, as it may be hard to carry your bulky machine to work.

The brand name is CAMERA, currently retailing in Tuskys Supermarkets at below a thousand shillings.

This is basically it, you squeeze the red ball to create a sunction that draws out the milk. The pipe connecting the red ball to the rest of the gadget is removable, if you prefer…and also to reduce bulkiness. The bottle can still be used for feeding, it comes with a silicone nipple and an inner valve/air vent to minimise colic.

breastpumpb breastpumpa

When I tried to use my pump for the first time, it did not work,it was right after getting home and I had been out all afternoon after church to a place with no much to drink, just chinese tea in tiny winy cups. The pump did not work, maybe I was not hydrated enough?

I took two cups of cocoa on getting home, had supper, and some juice. Later took a cup of horlicks. Tried again.The pump did not work, maybe I needed something extra?

I took a teaspoon of fennel seeds and put in a cup of hot water and drank up after a few minutes. Fennel actually helps with faster letdown.

I prayed for my pump to work. In my prior attempts, I hadn’t bothered. Prayer changes things.

I used a small towel to hold the red ‘ball’ that is used to create sunction, I had read of mums who got blisters from squeezing the ball-part. I also used my thumb to squeeze the ball, as opposed to solely having the ball in my palm.

I pumped. Behold, milk, lots of it…and fast. I thanked God . Yes I did.

And oh, do not forget to sterilize your pump before use. Not by immersing in hot boiling water, seeing as it is plastic, but using a sterilizing fluid, available in every supermarket.


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