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This is the most recent picture of myself that I can find, a June 2020 photo.

I don’t usually wear make-up, the photo was taken when my two daughters decided to give me a make-over. I liked it, I might keep up with the look. Two months later, I  have worn make-up five more times. I love my daughters, they are 8 and 6!

My husband… strict people will say I should write about the husband before I write about the children, for that is the proper order of things. I agree. But if I cut and paste this paragraph to the top, I would have to start over my writing,and lose the mojo. So, the husband, I love him, more than the mojo actually, and he has grown to liking make-up over these ten years we have been married. He started off below luke-warm but has shown steady growth in the area, as in his architectural practice that I help administrare. Otherwise, I am a stay-at-home-mum. Do you wonder if he pays me? Wonder no more. He is amazing, he brings home pigs, not just the bacon.

Because of the pig issue mentioned above, and also considering that I am a SAHM, I seem to take on the bulk of the hands-on-parenting. Under my husband’s watchful eye, of course. There is an unseen halo of his authority that hovers over me even when he is out at site and we are doing our thing at home. It’s a great thing to be born a man!

But it is more blessed to be born a woman! Oh the privileges. I have tons of lady friends who are continually proving to me that we are the fairer sex, we are the ones who actually build up the homes, even those of us married to architects 😊.

I majored in Language and Communication in college, and I will one day finish my Master’s degree in French, but life has drawn me to an interest in matters finance and taxation. That’s what has my attention , besides my family and my blog.

I am a Christian. I take my faith pretty seriously, and a lot of my parenting opinions are based on Scripture. I am however sure they are beneficial to parents of any religion.

Dive in!


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  • Sunshine AK

    Thank you for this very well researched blog. I love the way you have analyzed each of the schools as I am currently in a transitional phase deciding if to move from 8-4-4 to IGSCE. It would have been great to see analysis if other British Curriculum Schools such as Premier, Aga-Khan, Visa Oshwal and Shree Cutchi Samaj Patel. If you have any information on the academic performance that is already in the public domain, that would be great.. Thanks, Alice

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