About Influential Parenting


Proverbs 22:6.

This is the whole premise of influential parenting.

I do not write to  imply that as parents we have full control over our children and their actions.

However, if you train a child in his way, the child will generally continue in the way that you established.

Because you do not have full control over your children’s actions, and you cannot make them love God, you could do the following; teach them, train them, model the right behaviour for them, give them an environment that enhances spiritual growth in place of one that hinders it, pray for them, pray without ceasing, trust that God will continue to do His good work in them, and having done all to stand, STAND!

Having done everything you possibly could as a parent, stand and believe that God will bring into completion the wonderful work He started at conception.  Do not sit nor abandon post because you are oh so exhausted.

Realize that you start off with complete control over your child when they are born, you decide when and what they will eat and what they will wear and where they will go and when they will sleep. You make all their decisions. But with every passing year, you are losing that control over them and you should then be gaining influence. You gain influence depending on the foundation you started on when you had the control. The time you spend with the child is directly proportional to the influence you have on them. The relationship you build with them will determine what level of influence you continue to have in their lives.

God automatically granted you the influence when He granted you that child, and it is sad that so many parents have relinquished it, and for nothing! Someone, or something, is always influencing your child. Don’t let the media beat you to it, nor the culture, nor uncontrolled friendships, nor an ungodly teacher at school, nor anything.

This blog site is the space I will therefore use, on a somewhat consistent basis 😉, to point out the influence areas to you and remind you to continually exercise them.  For the benefit of your child, for the benefit of the world, but most importantly FOR THE GLORY OF GOD.

Dive in!

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