Does your baby love blowing bubbles?

My almost three-years-old is totally crazy about them, she asks for a bubbles whenever we go to play areas where they are sold, and whenever we go to the supermarket, and when they run out in the middle of the week!

I recently endevoured to find out how bubbles are made, and almost punished myself at the realization of how much money  I would have saved if I had had the good sense early enough. Making bubbles at home is extremely easy, I bet you do not even have to go to the shops to buy any ingredients, just walk to your kitchen and get:

1/3 cup dishwashing liquid

1 ¼ cups of water

2 teaspoons sugar

A drop of food colour (optional, and be careful with colour if they are to be blown indoors, not to stain your stuff, remember the sugar sticks).

When my baby is not going to playgroup/church etc., I try to do at least an activity with her. She looks forward! On such a day, she is very co-operative when I try to put the newborn to sleep, quiet as a church mouse. The rest of the time she comes to sing to my sleeping baby, touch her eyebrows, lips, asks her if she is asleep…I digress, let’s stick to making bubbles!

First, I asked her to thoroughly stir in the sugar into a little warm water (part of the 1 ¼ portion) for easy dissolving. Sugar is what gives bubbles the staying power, do not omit it. Glycerine and corn-starch have the same effect.

Note the containers of her previously store-bought-bubbles, the red and the green one…that is where we shall put our home-made bubbles. They will look just as those in Nakumatt 🙂

IMG_1086 copy

Next, I measure the dishwashing liquid for her, and the water…she pours those into an old Dettol container, hahaha, I am such a cheapskate.

Then she shakes the container until everything is well mixed up.

IMG_1099 copy

We go outside and play!

IMG_1098 copy

Both mother and child run after the bubbles.

IMG_1107 copy

Bubbles excite me too, maybe because I did not get to play bubbles when I was young…my mum could have made them (definitely not buy) but we were in the village, we never even saw them.

But people in the village can as well play bubbles. Just take a wire and bend one side into a circle, dip it in this solution and blow awayJ. See what this village-woman is doing here? (That’s me). Actually with a wire you can make the bubbles as big as you want.

IMG_1120 copy

Afterwards, I let my baby wash up what we had used to make bubbles, she loves it when I allow her to do water-things. See that serious look she has? That is her thinking she is an adult, doing an adult thing. That is also my way of avoiding scrubbing much. I will only rinse 🙂


The girl loves her water.

marvel water

And like her mum, she loves taking photos, this is such a cute picture that she took of me blowing bubbles the other day 🙂

me bubbles

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